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Most Effective Weight Loss and Anti-Aging Injections: NAD+, Semaglutide & Peptides in Juneau

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Most Effective Weight Loss and Anti-Aging Injections: NAD+, Semaglutide & Peptides in Juneau

Ohzone Medical’s Nurse Practitioner Alaena Grable talks about the most effective weight loss and anti-aging injections: NAD+, Semaglutide & Peptides in Juneau, which we offer at Ohzone Medical. These home programs require a consultation with Alaena, where she can prescribe these medications to you and you are able to administer in the convenience of your own home via a subcutaneous injection, which is a simple injection typically in the abdomen with a tiny insulin needle, which most people tolerate well. 

At Home Protocols – NAD+, Semaglutide, & Peptides 

The first at-home protocol is our weight loss program, Semaglutide. This is a once-a-week injection that people are loving. This aids weight loss by helping the body use insulin in a healthy way and it also helps regulate appetite and food intake.  

Another program that is very popular is our NAD therapy. We do offer NAD+ via infusion but we also offer it through our take home program with injections. Through this program, you will be prescribed a vial of NAD+ that you will take home and inject yourself daily or whatever protocol you and Alaena discuss. NAD+ is great for so many things, and it is very beneficial for anti-aging. We all naturally produce NAD in the body but unfortunately as we age, our levels that we can produce decrease. This can have a negative effect on us. If you are looking for something to help with anti-aging, improving cognitive function, athletic performance, energy, mood, anxiety, or depression then NAD+ could be for you.  

Finally, something that has been picking up speed here at Ohzone Medical are our peptides. One of the peptides we offer here goes along with our weight loss program, Semaglutide, and is called AOD 9604. For those of you that don’t know, peptides are simply chains of amino acids. AOD 9604 is specifically targeted for burning fat cells. What you would expect from this peptide is a decrease in unwanted fat cells and it can ideally increase your lean muscle mass as well. Our second peptide we offer is BPC-157, which is an amazing peptide for all things anti-inflammatory. It is great for athletes and those looking for help with athletic recovery and performance. It can help alleviate joint pain, improve mobility, and decrease inflammation in ligaments and tendons. On top of that you can also expect an accelerated healing process if injured.  

These at-home protocols are easy to administer in the comfort of your own home and can offer many benefits to the client. If interested in any of these programs, please book a consultation with our Nurse Practitioner Alaena to get started on your own protocol.

Dr. Joseph Cleaver, M.D. is the Medical Director at Ohzone Medical. He is a fellow of the American Board of Anti-Aging/Regenerative Medicine, board certified in Internal Medicine among other certifications. He holds the position of adjunct clinical professor at George Washington School of Medicine. He lectures both nationally and internationally in longevity medicine, sports performance, regenerative medicine, aesthetics, sexual performance, and hair restoration. As a decellularized growth factors expert with 15 years’ experience in regenerative aesthetics, he applies this cutting edge regenerative medical science in the treatment of hair restoration and minimally invasive aesthetics – skin and face rejuvenation.